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Home of Allan Petretti's Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide as well as the largest auction of soda pop collectibles in the world.

Though principally dedicated to
Coca-Cola, we remain committed to all soda pop collectibles, featuring articles and tips of value to everyone fascinated in this aspect of our culture.

Although this resource finds its origin in our library of best selling books, that is only the beginning.
This website is a virtual newsmagazine for the pop collecting hobby. Always free

Besides covering news and events our Pop departments provide information
essential to all aspects of collecting.
(check out those bottlecaps to the right)

Allan Petretti's weekly address and pop news update heads up an overview of current site additions.

Petretti's Pop Auction
a twice yearly event featuring all levels of soda-pop collecting. Get up to date, or get into it here.

FEATURED articles ......

Another great auction has begun

A Word of Caution to Collectors

Did you miss out on it?

three brands
A little more about these obscure brands
junk or not junk
Every collector should read this, it explains a lot.
clicquot club
A little about the purest of pops

frostie root beer
A look at another root beer favorite

the 7up story
A history of one of the best known pop brands

for a crash course in collecting necessities. From illustrated guideing and forgs to condition gradery detection, this education is lots of fun!

A schedule of current events, shows and auctions that you may want to attend!

Great advertising and product art as well as the artists who created it.
Allan fields questions every month in
The Antique Trader.
Can't find your answer? Let him know, he loves to share knowledge with other collectors.

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